“Though She be but little, She is fierce.”

Helena (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Act III, Scene ii)

I believe in a different kind of Heaven: one especially designed for and by Me, where submissives of all identities serve Me to the best of their ability. Does this pique your interest? Do you, too, dream of living out your mortal days as a servant to an earthbound Deity? If so, welcome; you’ve finally found Her.

Up until this point, you’ve been living in vain and denial: no amount of success, sex, love, or money has brought you any happiness or fulfillment. Maybe, you thought, you could “get over it.” But, time has proven you wrong; and now, you’re nearly six feet under a pile of disappointment, despair, and loneliness.

There is only one real option for you: submit, succumb, and serve.


Aura the Divine: PropAuraganda

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