Platform Updates

I have been incredibly busy planning updates during this Quarantine: of course, all carefully designed to further tempt and torture you. As always, be grateful for the access that I do allow and provide for you… My time is precious and I will not have it wasted.

Discord Servers: I have finally decided to shut down all My current Discord Servers. They were not getting the attention deserved and I simply have bigger plans. ***I am still available for sessions via Discord, but will no longer be offering a private/exclusive Server.***

AVNStars: My AVNStars is where I will be posting all exclusive content, including exclusive photosets and clips. Followers can expect to see a mix of hot content, but subscribers are truly experiencing another universe. Addiction begins with a subscription.

AVNStars Clip Store: I have also started the very tedious process of uploading My delicious clips to the brand new AVNStars Clip Store section! Keep your eyes peeled for more (and new…) uploads coming very soon.

Twitter: I utilize two Twitters; one being My main Twitter (where I post free content, etc.), which you probably already know about and/or follow obsessively. My second Twitter account is used mainly for promotion: (clip) sale posts and free clip previews. I highly recommend following both and staying updated on posts from both accounts.

Leave your thoughts.