How I Became a Financial Dominatrix

I always felt different from My peers in certain ways. I loved to learn and read; the strange and creepy appealed to Me more than it did most. Plus, I was (and still am) an empath of the highest degree. The energy of other people affects Me powerfully, and I have learned to keep My inner circle small- this principle applies even in My BDSM lifestyle.

It would be a lie to say I have “always” been involved in BDSM as I am now. I can certainly recall a time when I swooned after worthless boys with no brains and zero ambition… I am not ashamed of those times, either. Every heartbreak and all the “wasted” energy led Me straight down a path leading to power, success, and lots of self-growth.

I won’t go into heavy detail this time around, because it is not necessary, but the early roots of My emotional distress played a large part in My decision to become a Dominatrix. As an intelligent, outgoing Woman, puberty was a difficult time. I developed physically much earlier than My peers, and this attracted a lot of unwanted attention from both boys and girls. I remember hating My body and constantly wishing I could have another vessel to live in on Earth. I desperately wanted to regain the self-love and sense of invincibility I had lost. I felt hopeless in My current relationships and I was constantly telling Myself, “There has to be something more to life and love than this.”

Soon after turning 18-years-old, I found Myself searching for that “something” more meaningful- I had reached a point where engaging in occasional kink play with willing partners was becoming boring and lackluster. I wanted more, and I was determined to find whatever it was I was missing. One evening, after a long conversation with My (then) roommate about sex work, I did a bit of digging on the Internet. I was not at all shocked to discover a community known as “findom-” of course there existed a niche kink based solely on financial transactions, and of course Women were the dominant party taking the cash. While this certainly appealed to Me, I was curious to learn more about the dynamics surrounding the kink: especially the power aspect. I was instantly enthralled- from the massive earning potential to the vastness of kinks and fetishes that often play a role in findom relationships. I had finally found what I was looking for.

Throughout My time as a Financial Dominatrix, I have gone through two major “phases:” the first was a ruthlessly bratty and unapologetically sadistic Mistress, the second (and current) is a manipulative, spoiled, and cruel tease. As a Financial Dominatrix, I have the creative freedom to express My real interests; I will never be competing against anyone; and I exist in great comfort knowing that the sky is My only limit. The D/s relationships I grow are unique and loving in their own ways; and as soon as the tide may change, I maintain the strength necessary to cut anyone out of My life… so don’t test Me.

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