3 Inevitable Mistakes Made by finsubs

It goes without saying that there are a myriad of mistakes a self-proclaimed “finsub” can (and probably will) make. It is supposed to be hard being the perfect finsub; if it was easy, everyone would do it.

In My professional experience, there are 3 mistakes that all finsubs make at one point or another. Hopefully, you can avoid these mistakes prematurely or gain a new understanding of why they are indeed mistakes.

1. Expect something in return.

That’s right: you just send the money and I sit pretty while asking for more. you don’t get a reward (or punishment) for doing what is expected of you. The gross expectation that you deserve anything special for tributing implies that the tribute itself wasn’t enough to satisfy you as well as Her. If that’s the case- that’s absolutely fine! you just are not really a finsub.

2. Call $100 a “drain/relapse.”

It’s not. In today’s world, rent is an average of $784/month; a new car costs a minimum of $25k; even health insurance is roughly $500/month. Maybe things were cheaper in “your days,” but $100 doesn’t cut it for much these days- especially when You are naturally insatiable and greedy. Do the math, take a deep breath, and accept that a real drain consists of at least $1k sent during a single session… although, more is encouraged.

3. Thinking you don’t have enough money to serve.

I don’t expect all of My slaves to be rich; in fact, I imagine quite few actually are wealthy. Choosing to complain about your imagined inability to serve is a waste of time and I don’t care to hear such petty excuses. you are better off sending $5 to Me every day than never sending Me a single tribute. I will never notice the “sub” that sends Me $0.

There is an important lesson to be learned in all mistakes that W/we make. If you want to be a real, obedient, and devoted financial submissive to any Dominant (but especially to Me), you will take the time to reflect and understand what you did wrong and why you did it. Personal growth is sexy, and I love watching My submissives learn, grow, and thrive for Me.

Leave your thoughts.