2021 with Aura

As a loyal servant and follower of Aura, you may be wondering what 2021 will bring for you… but more importantly, what it will bring for ME. After all, everything that makes Me happy and brings Me success compels your own happiness.

The end of the year is a time to reflect… and golly, do W/we have a lot to reflect on for 2020! From a global pandemic to a borderline unnecessarily heated US presidential election, W/we lived through a lot of firsts and big changes in 2020. This often leaves many people feeling unstable, confused, lost, or a myriad of other feelings. During such times, it is important to rely on your inner circle and focus on the things that make you happiest- whether that’s dressing up like a pig for Dommes or doing yoga on the local nude beach.

A proper reflection would not be complete without a running list of lessons learned- 2020 did not spare us any life lessons. This year taught Me the importance of self care, planning, and hard work; I also learned the value in being vulnerable. I graduated with My bachelor’s degree at the beginning of 2020, and am ending the year awaiting an answer from graduate school. I have opened Myself up to new experiences and welcomed them with open arms; doing so has rewarded Me exceptionally. Throughout My planning for 2021, I discovered a newfound love for writing and reading fiction, both which continue to inspire My daily work. (On this note, expect more creative/sci-fi/SFX clips in 2021.)

In 2021, I have big plans for My brand and, as always, am making room for personal growth in all aspects of life. I will be spending far less time on free platforms; I will be diligently working on scheduling content of all sorts for the future. Rather than wasting time dealing with the weight of social media, I want to spend more time reading and furthering My education (both in kink and vanilla studies). I will be pursuing the endeavors that I enjoy and that pay off. As I previously mentioned, I will be creating more creative, conceptual content; My biggest goal is for My work to have a meaning and impact. While I don’t expect everyone to agree with/appreciate these changes, I know those who truly do will happily pay for the privilege.

In addition, I am hoping to finally release Aura merchandise in 2021! Should everything go as planned, the first items available will be slave ID cards, stickers, sissy kits, and individual used items. More details will be shared as the release dates get closer, so stay tuned for an announcement!

So, what does all this mean for you?

It means that any slacking from this point forward will not be tolerated; the moment you stop putting Me first is the moment you cease to exist. I have never offered ownership to just anyone and that won’t change in 2021; if anything, it will be even more difficult to earn My collar. My new (planned) promo schedule ensures I spend as little time as possible on freeloading lurkers- so if you don’t identify as and display the characteristics of a walking wallet, you will soon be left behind.

Every year, My goals get bigger. If you’re struggling to keep up, accept your place as a bare minimum bitch and abandon your wild dreams of ownership. If you don’t deserve ownership, it will never be yours. Find room for change in your life (I guarantee there’s plenty of room for plenty of it) and enforce the necessary changes- get rid of the fluff and make extra room for Princess.

Leave your thoughts.