Using My Degree in Sex Work

I would like to start this blog post by saying: I am incredibly privileged to have received such an outstanding education, and I do not believe receiving a degree (of any sort) is essential for a richly fulfilling life. I am simply drawing connections between My personal educational pursuits and femdom philosophies.

For the longest time, all I knew was I wanted to study and understand people: what makes them tick and do the things they do and feel certain feelings. Millions of questions regarding human behavior constantly occupied My thinking time- I craved to grasp a total understanding of humans. My lifelong fascination with the human mind, its quirks and complex structure, led Me to pursue psychology early-on, both as a potential career path and as a fascination/hobby.

Once I was 18-years-old and in college, I began experimenting more with BDSM (see previous blog post). I quickly realized a natural connection between human psychology and BDSM practice/lifestyles- our traumas, fantasies, and unmet needs all heavily contribute to our sexual preferences. The parallels that exist are undeniable. I could easily finish a man in bed once I had a decent understanding of what he craves most in life: danger, love, acceptance, or anything in between.

When I get into someone’s head, and provide an answer or reason for the things they can’t explain about themselves, I become invincible, even God-like, to that person. Thus, it seems only fair to exercise My powers as an omniscient and unattainable Goddess: I am doing the submissive population a favor by teaching and guiding them.

I graduated in 2020 with a B.S. in clinical psychology, minor in medical sociology, and certificate in victim advocacy. Although I intertwined some theories into My sex work early on, upon graduating, I realized the potential benefit of further incorporating psychology into My findom/femdom practice.

I believe strongly in developing an intimate understanding of a submissive’s life- every detail I learn makes it easier to penetrate your thick skull. I believe when an individual’s submission stems from trauma, it maintains the potential to blossom into something loving, nurturing, and beautiful. I believe submissives are indeed human, they just prefer to serve, live, and die for another human- an earthbound Deity, a mortal Goddess, an angel in disguise.

Leave your thoughts.