I Hate JOIs. Here’s Why.

DISCLAIMER: although this post assumes a male audience, the lessons and statements contained within apply to anyone (regardless of sexual identity) who wishes to serve Me.

Jerk it hard; jerk it fast; don’t cum; cum when I say so… directing your nightly masturbation sessions quickly grows tedious and boring. There’s only so many different ways I can have you stroke, especially when your meat stick is more reminiscent of a shrimp. In fact, anal play seems a more appropriate way for small dicks to cum- but that’s a lesson for another time.

I bet you can conjure up a million memories where you were so focused on your own pleasure, you disregarded your partner and their needs; perhaps you can even recall a few times where your job came second to your jerk-off session. That’s pathetic. No one wants a “man” who can only think with his prick: no one wants him as a boyfriend, a friend, a coworker, or a boss. It’s past time for you to get your priorities straight; but, thankfully, I’m a ruthlessly benevolent teacher.

Beyond the repetitive nature of jerk-off instruction, there’s something else I hate even more: I despise your genitals, and anything that forces them as the center of attention (i.e.: jerking off). I genuinely have zero interest in catering to your wants or needs; why should I reward you for being mediocre? Because you sent Me money? That certainly doesn’t entitle you to anything. It is a privilege to cum, especially by My command. Just because I own your body and orgasms doesn’t mean you require or qualify for special personalized instruction every time you “need” to cum.

The longer you serve Me, the clearer this will become: orgasm is not the ultimate pleasure. Through strict training and chastity, you will learn how your glorification of the male orgasm has hindered your growth in many other areas. Once you are able to successfully tame your frustrations, you will be more free to focus on serving Her.

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