3 Inevitable Mistakes Made by finsubs

It goes without saying that there are a myriad of mistakes a self-proclaimed “finsub” can (and probably will) make. It is supposed to be hard being the perfect finsub; if it was easy, everyone would do it. In My professional experience, there are 3 mistakes that all finsubs make at one point or another. Hopefully,Continue reading “3 Inevitable Mistakes Made by finsubs”

How I Became a Financial Dominatrix

I always felt different from My peers in certain ways. I loved to learn and read; the strange and creepy appealed to Me more than it did most. Plus, I was (and still am) an empath of the highest degree. The energy of other people affects Me powerfully, and I have learned to keep MyContinue reading “How I Became a Financial Dominatrix”