A list of frequently-asked-questions and their answers.

  • How old are You? I get older every year.
  • Where do You live? Unless you are signing the check for My rent, you don’t need to know.
  • Do You like me? I highly doubt it.
  • Does xyz turn You on? Money is the answer.
  • What can i do to make You happy? Pay Me.
  • How long have You been a Domme? I have been in sex work since late 2016, but established Myself as a Domme in 2017.
  • Do You currently offer real-time sessions? Currently, I don’t due to a heavy schedule and current conditions. I also want to broaden My skill-set before offering real-time.
  • What else do You enjoy? I have quite the list of hobbies outside of Domming and sex work; the best way to get to know Me is through the establishment of a financial relationship (see question 5: “What can i do to make You happy?“)
  • What kinks do You enjoy? All of My D/s relationships are centered around financial domination; this is My ultimate kink. Beyond this, I enjoy orgasm control/denial, tease and denial, psychological domination, sensual domination, verbal humiliation/degradation, chastity/keyholding, SPH, feminization, Goddess worship, body worship, blackmail fantasy, and total power exchange. There are a few select other fetishes that I partake in, but My hard limits include anything to do with scat and unconsenting parties (i.e.: ch*ldren or pets).

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